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Cracking Open Surface Pro 3 Charger


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    Evan Forrest
    Evan Forrest

    Hi there,

    Today, I want to share my experience about tearing down my Surface Pro 3 charger. You can save some money when there are some problems you can fix by yourself.

    How to tear down the Surface Charger

    Step 1 – Use a small flat-head screwdriver to separate the charger’s cover from the charger. You need to be patient as the cover is strongly glued to the box.

    Use a Flat-Head Screwdriver to separate the Surface charger's cover

    Step 2 – After you make space around the charger cover. Push the screwdriver harder to the top edge of the cover near the power cord. Now you can pull the cover out from the charger box.

    Push harder to the top edge of the cover near the power cord

    Step 3 – Now you can access the circuit of the charger. You can find out which parts that caused the problem.

    Surface Charger Inside

    Hope it will help you guys!

    Conor Banett
    Conor Banett

    Great! I will try this with my Original Surface Pro charger.

    Paul Lambert
    Paul Lambert

    I have 2 broken Surface Chargers. Will try to repair them myself!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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