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Manually Updating Windows RT 8.1

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  • Jody Thornton

    Hey Folks:

    I realize that updates for Windows RT are supposed to only be delivered through Windows Update. But would anyone know where a repository might exist for older monthly rollups?

    I’m looking for either the November or December 2017 rollup for Windows 8.1 RT. Any help would be appreciated.



    Conor Banett

    Did you try this tutorial I’ve managed to get the latest updates by following the steps. Anyway, you must be patient as it takes me almost two days to finish all updates.


    Jody Thornton

    Hi @Connor.  yes I was through all of that initially.  What I’m actually after is an older rollup.  What I’d ideally like to do is bring my RT installation up to a December 2017 timeline.  Past that, many updates degrade performance significantly, including the Spectre and Meltdown updates.  I want to avoid those, but now all I can get is the November 2018 rollup.


    In an ideal world, I’d update the OS to December 2017, and update IE 11 and the integrated Flash to current, but I don’t think RT allows for that.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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