Surface Pro 3 Pen is not work, but the top button working fine


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  • Paul Lambert

    Paul Lambert

    I have just recently notice that, my Surface Pro 3 pen is not working well. This morning, after I have written some notes, it no longer work anymore. But the top button is still working fine. Does it has problem with the battery? But why the top button still work?

    Does anyone experience the same thing to me? How to resolve this problem?

    Evan Forrest

    Evan Forrest


    The Surface Pen has two separated battery. One for the top button, that it is used for pairing and calling OneNote on Surface. Another for powering the pen itself and your pen might be running out of the battery.

    To solve this problem you need to replace the AAAA battery inside the pen. You can buy it from Amazon.

    To do this:

    • Hold the top area of the pen and unscrew it
    • You will the AAAA battery, remove it
    • Put the new AAAA battery in
    • Screw the pen back together

    One more thing, this battery is last about 1 year for common use. So if you have used it for over a year then it might be sure that it cause from the pen battery.

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    If the Pen button is not working, but the fidget cube buttons always work…..

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