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problem to start

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  • Phil


    I ve a problem with a surface go.

    The screen stay with the logo windows 15 seconds, the screen become black during 6 second , the logo windows appears 15 sec…

    Impossible to start windows normally;

    What can i do ?  usb device ? problem with an update ?

    I have an USB drive with the install version of windows 10 but no usb port A on the surface, only USB type C.

    Have you a tip, a solution for me.




    Evan Forrest


    First, make sure that you can successfully access the Surface UEFI settings page on your Surface Go by following these steps: How to access Surface Go UEFI settings. If success, it means your Surface Go might have issues with OS. Otherwise, it might have hardware issues and you might need to send back to Microsoft Store or the dealer.


    1. Download the recovery image
    2. Reset your Surface Go with a USB drive

    On Surface Go, you will need a USB-C flash drive or an OTG adapter to convert from USB-C to USB-A port or you can use any USB-C hub with USB-A output ports. Check here for more them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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