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Surface Go stuck in an infinite loop

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    The loading of the icon with a black screen. Everything else is stuck.
    Have tried various methods. e.g UEFI / recovery/ all these does not work.



    Short asnwer: Your HAVE to replace your surface go motherboard.


    Long answer: your device’s hard drive has lots of bad blocks. the hard drive is soldered on the motherboard, so you will need to get it replaced. this is covered by warranty.

    before taking it for replacement, you can do the following trick to make sure the hard drive is the issue:


    create a windows bootable win 10 usb drive or pen drive (lots of tutorials on google in case you dont know how to do it). if you manage to use the usb windows then it is a confirmation that your hd has died.  after booting on the windows usb you can also run a disk check on your surface device.  maybe the check wont work, and if it does, you will see a lot of red dots.




    I have good knowledge on IT.


    And I also experienced it on my surface pro.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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